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Little angel go away, come again some other day

The devil has my ear today, I'll never hear a word you say

Samuel Winchester
2 May 1983
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Dean died and Sam wasn't able to save him. Despite doing everything possible, he found himself almost drinking himself to death. And then Ruby came along, whipped him back into shape, helped him back down that road with good intentions. He kept going along with it until he unknowingly released Lucifer from his prison. Dean wasn't there, he never was dragged out of Hell to help his brother from that path. A year passed after his release, until finally Lucifer made him a deal he couldn't deny. His body for his brother's freedom.

And he said yes.


Sam is entirely on the demon's side anymore. His brother came back from hell a demon, one that couldn't be easily switched back into hunting like he used to. Eventually, more and more people turned on him, until finally, he broke. Not able to stand it anymore, he completely went dark-side, accepting what Lucifer was fighting for. While he may still be Sam in the long run, he's demonic at heart, and could care less about humanity. Only his brother and Lucifer matter anymore, and he'll make sure they all have what they want by the end of things.


Sam is an AU spinoff from what happened at the end of season three of Supernatural. He is evil and will normally hide it at first, unless you're the one he's torturing :) He does drink demon blood and is not afraid to do what need be to get it if it means taking someone out. Doesn't mean he's not open to all sorts of guilt from any and all characters, hell, it's welcomed, people!

But, as usual, don't own any Sammy nor Jared. Just using it for another interpretation.

Mun does work night shift at a call center (mountain time, btw) so might be slow to reply at times. If you need to contact me, please feel free to PM me through Sam or leave me an IM through AIM and I'll get back to you ASAP.

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