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Thinking // I r smert
Who: Sam and John Constantine the_hellblazer, with a little dash of Mary and perhaps Lucifer in the long run maybe? :3
What: Sam's calling John up and seeing how things are going with his ghost of a girlfriend.
When: Now. Like, right now. Now.

Samuel was getting impatient, which wasn't too rare for him at all nowadays. Being the Boy King had made him a bit more demanding as of recently, and with the chance of getting Jess back so close at hand well, he couldn't waste time. And with this John Constantine taking so long to get back to him, he couldn't help but move forward in hounding him until he found out about Jess.

Picking up his phone, he dialed his number, pacing the room while he waited for him to answer.

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So sorry. We lost power all day :( It's fixed now!

Constantine scowled when the ringing woke him up, and he struggled to make it out of the bed without waking Zee, and out of the room where he could answer the phone with some privacy. As much as he'd promised her lately that he wouldn't keep anything from her about his ... business dealings, it was still habitual, and he was still half-drowsed from sleep. As a result, he fell on instinct, and instinct preached confidentiality in these matters.

"What is it then?" was his not-so-welcoming response.

It's totally cool. Life hates me right now and is giving me crap :|

Sam almost laughed at the response, considering it sounded so much like his brother when he interrupted something important. But, he manages to keep his humor out of his voice as he speaks, though he's biting his nails to keep himself from pacing at the moment.

"Sorry to bother you so late, but it's Sam Winchester, John. I was wondering what's going on with Jess, considering it's been about two months." He's trying to keep himself in check, but he's been spending too much of his time around demons, and he's doing his best not to sound commanding like usual.

Apparently... me too. B|

Well, there was a surprise. Or maybe not really, after what Michael had told him about Samuel's level of affection for the girl. Still, he'd thought maybe the matter had dropped - maybe, the angels had found some other way to save his arse from damnation. After all, Michael had gone quiet. Everything had.

"Funny thing y'should call, mate. I meant t'get a hold of you tomorrow." A bold lie, but he could back it up and that's what mattered. "Think I've finally found her again."

Sam lights up a bit, biting his lip to keep himself from screaming in joy that Jess was still out there. But he calms himself down to speak, keeping his voice as even as possible. "Really? That's...that's great. I'm glad to hear that."

He's stopped pacing at least, sitting down in a chair now that that matter has been cleared up. "What do you need me to do to help you get her off your back?"

Over eager, just as expected, even after all this time. Or maybe especially because of all this time - after waiting and waiting, finally getting the affirmation that she was out there waiting for him had to have this bloke practically tripping over himself, and Constantine could hear it in his tone.

"Well, we're gonna haveta summon her back, an' this time I'll need you there t'talk to her. She won't say much t'me, since I'm as good as a stranger, but when I mentioned you, well..." He trailed off, letting that linger there a moment, even as he searched his desk for a pack of Silk Cuts.

Sam couldn't help but be over-eager at the idea of Jessica still being out there, much less her waiting for him. It was something he wouldn't have expected to happen, and he was just thrilled to know she was around. And because of that, he was willing to do whatever need be to get her back.

"Yeah, yeah, anything you need me to do. Is there anything in particular we need for the summoning or do you have everything?" Cause he had a whole network of people to get him things, and by people, he meant demons. "I really can't thank you enough for all this."

"Think I'm all set on th' particulars, mate. Just you I need. An' no need to thank me, like I said. I've got enough ghosts hauntin' me. Anyone willin' to take one off is doin' me th' favor."

He glanced around the corner to make sure Zee was still asleep, and then grabbed a shirt, getting dressed as he talked.

"How about we do this tonight?"

"Still, feel like I owe you for hunting me down like this to give me my girlfriend back, ghost or not."

Sam glances to one of the demons who's motioning for his assistance downstairs, waving them away after the message is delivered, though John catches more of his attention.

"Tonight? Uhh, sure. Yeah. Where do you need me to meet you?"

Not here, he thinks to himself, moving towards the door. "Got somewhere private we might go? I'll bring th' supplies." He took a slight detour to route through the closet where he kept some of his things stored, and threw on his trench coat. Zatanna was gonna kill him for not coming along on this, but in truth, he knew this Winchester was a lot more dangerous than he appeared. He'd risk it alone.

"I'll get a cab and meet ye if you do."

Sam thinks it over for a moment, trying to figure out if there was anywhere near here that wouldn't give away his location entirely. "There's a house on the far edge of town. It's condemned but it's not that hard to get into if we need it. It should be large enough for this, I would think."

He moves about his room, starting to gather up what he's needing, since he may trust Constantine now but who knew what might come up this. For all he knew, he was just luring hm anyways, so might as well be prepared. "Meet you there in an hour?"

"Got an address, mate?" He dug a pad of paper out of a kitchen drawer, sliding it shut as quietly as he could. "Sounds like a good spot."

It probably would have been a good idea to bring back-up... of some kind, and he hesitates, before scribbling a quick note to Zee and throwing it on the counter.

Meeting with the Winchester. Edge of town. Condemned house. Should be back before you get up.

Hell, if she wasn't about to make a semi-honest man out of him some days. What was the world coming to?

"Uh, yeah, one sec." Sam rummages around his room for a map before he manages to pull out the proper one, finding the address and giving it to him. "Last time I checked it was empty and considering where it's located, I doubt we're going to find any homeless there either."

He was thinking very much the same with John here, wondering if he should alert his brother or anyone for that matter. Instead, he starts writing out the plan to Lucifer and one of the other demons that takes care of things around here, meaning to make sure they know he's alive later on if need be.

"So I'll see you there in about an hour or so?"

"You got it, mate," Constantine said, slipping a pack of Silk Cuts out of the trenchcoat's pocket and sliding out a cig. "One hour." With that, he replaced the hangar of the phone, and then glanced back once more to make sure Zee wasn't standing in the foyer, glaring at him, before heading out the front door.

He wasn't surprised to find it was raining out - wasn't it always, when foul things were afoot? Or it was probably just a big fuck you from the man upstairs, who Constantine doubted would approve of his means of steering the Anti-Christ off course. But Constantine never had given much thought to what He wanted, anyways. He hailed a cabbie, who glared at him and told him there was no smoking in his car. With a scowl, he tossed it out the window, and settled into his thoughts for the course of the ride.

"One hour. See you there." Sam hung up the phone with a bit of a smile on his face, starting to grab his things up and get ready. It isn't until he's almost halfway out the door that he realizes something, and he quickly heads back upstairs to write a note. It doesn't take him but five minutes before he hands it off to one of his demon charges with explicit instructions on how to get it to that person before he heads out.

Sam would see the rain as some sort of ill will from God if he didn't believe that the guy had abandoned the world a long time ago. Instead, he simply saw it as something that might be in his favor, unlocking the impala with a bit of a smirk before he drives off to the house. Tonight was definitely going to be interesting, and he could only hope he'd get something out of it.

Constantine had the cabbie drop him off three blocks from the intended location, and waited until he drove off to set off walking in the right direction. The rain continued to thwart his attempts at a good smoke.

He was there first, or at least, he was pretty sure he was. Wouldn't have put it past Samuel to have some guards the naked eye couldn't see. He swung a tiny gold charm out of his pocket, and muttered an incantation as he stepped onto the walk leading up to it. It flashed once, and he shot another glance around. Satisfied that at least no one was posted out here, he stuffed it away, and pushed open the door.

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